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ECO PCO AR-X is a multi purpose use insecticide that has a broad spectrum label offering both immediate and long term effectiveness. ECO PCO AR-X provides the same benefit as other popular pesticides, but with the added benefit of a "botanical" as opposed to a synthetic active ingredient.
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Eco Pco AR-X Aerosol

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EcoPCO AR-X Multi-Purpose Insecticide Uses / Applications: Specifically formulated contact aerosol for the professional pest control operator for use in Homes, Offices, Hotels, Motels, Schools, Hospitals, Nursing homes, Day-care Centers, Factories, Warehouses, Stores, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Food Handling Establishments, Commercial or Institutional Kitchens, Food Processing Plants, Bottling Plants, and Transportation Equipment (Automobiles, Buses, Trucks, Trailers, Boats, Ships and Trains) 

Shake well before using.

Crack/Crevice and Void Treatments: Important: Use the injector nozzle tip provided. Interior Treatments: For crawling insects, inject into all crack/crevice and void spaces where insects may be crawling, hiding or living. Release approximately 1 second of product per crack/crevice application and from 2 to 3 seconds per cubic foot of closed void space treated. Apply more liberally for heavy infestations. Applications can be made, but are not limited to, behind baseboards, cabinets, walls, ceilings, door and window frames, and around water pipes and appliances. Ensure contact with as many insects as possible. Repeat as necessary. Grain Weevils, Flour Beetles, Chocolate Moths, Drugstore Beetles, Trogodermas, and Elm leaf Beetles: Inject into cracks and crevices and/or voids where these insects may be harboring, such as but not limited to, cabinets, pantries, wall voids and in machinery. Repeat treatment as necessary. Food Handling Establishments: In food areas, application limited to crack/crevice treatment only. Inject between different elements of construction, between equipment and floor, openings leading to voids and hollow spaces in walls, equipment legs and bases where insects hide. Avoid contact with food, utensils and food preparation equipment. Exterior Perimeter Treatments: For crawling insects, apply to cracks/crevices where insects may enter premises or harbor. Areas to be treated include, but are not limited to, weep holes, under siding, wall voids, soffits, around attic vents, windows, doors and pipes. Treatment of infested fences and tree holes is permitted.

EcoPCO AR-X Multi-Purpose Residual Aerosol Insecticide Target Pests:
Ants, carpet beetles, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, centipedes, chocolate moths, clover mites, cockroaches, crickets, drug store beetles, earwigs, elm leaf beetles, flour beetles, millipedes, pillbugs, scorpions, silverfish, spiders, termites and trogodermas.

EcoPCO AR-X Multi-Purpose Insecticide Active Ingedient:
2-Phenethyl Propionate, a botanical insecticide........................ 1.00% 

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