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Invader HPX superior flushing and contact spray provides a fast knockdown with 100% control of residential and industrial pests for 4 weeks. For control of cockroaches, ants, spiders, floor beetles, termites, and silverfish, simply place the injector tip into small openings where insects may be hiding, living, and breeding, and apply approximately 1 second of spray. CB Invader HPX is formulated for use in food-handling areas as a crack and crevice treatment. 14 oz. can
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CB Invader Insecticide With Propoxur

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Invader HPX made by Waterbury was recently purchased by FMC Corp. and is now manufacturered by FMC under the name Invader Aerosol. Same product, same active ingredient, but with a new look. Please let us know if you have any questions.

High-speed protection from food area invaders. CB Invader Insecticide with Propoxur (formerly called Invader Insecticide) provides quick knockdown and rapid control of residential and industrial pests. Ideal for food-handling areas, CB Invader Insecticide with Propoxur is a carbamate insecticide that crystallizes after application, providing maximum action up to 4 full weeks of 100% effectiveness, even when exposed to high heat and concentrate grease. 

CB Invader Insecticide with Propoxur was developed for superior performance and fast knockdown of target pests like cockroaches, spiders, ants and beetles. This special formulation delivers improved penetration and coverage for an enhanced level of control. CB Invader Insecticide with Propoxur is labeled for use in restaurants and food-handling establishments as a crack and crevice treatment. 

CB Invader Insecticide with Propoxur
 is also used for a fast kill of exposed drywood or subterranean termites, such as termite swarmers or workers. CB Invader Insecticide with Propoxur is easy to locally treat termite tunnels, etc. or any area where termites are a problem. Not a substitute for soil treatment. Applicator injector tip included. Perform a fast knockdown on your home intruders with CB Invader Insecticide with Propoxur ! 

CB Invader Insecticide with Propoxur Features:
* Active ingredient: 1.0% Propoxur
* Fast knock down with quick kill 
* Last for four weeks 
* Can be used with Whitmire System III
* For use indoors and outdoors
* Food handling areas: YES 

CB Invader Insecticide with Propoxur Uses:
Hospitals, Supermarkets, Motels, Hotels, Homes, Transportation Equipment (Buses, Boats, Ships, Trains, Trucks, Aircraft), Utilities, Meat Packing and Food Handling Establishments, Schools, Warehouses, Restaurants and Other Commercial Buildings 

CB Invader Insecticide with Propoxur Target Pests:
Cockroaches, Waterbugs, Spiders (excluding Black Widow and Brown Recluse), Earwigs, Crickets, Sowbugs, Millipedes, Booklice, Silverfish, Ants (excluding Harvester, Fire, Carpenter and Pharaoh), Grain Weevils, Flour Beetles, Drugstore Beetles, Boxelder Bugs, Elm Leaf Beetles, Clover Mites and Termites 

CB Invader Insecticide with Propoxur Active Ingredients:
Methylcarbamate............................ 1.00%

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