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B&G 1 gallon Sprayer - 18 inch wand (N124-CC-18) )  - Bugs Or Us Pest Control Supply
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B&G 1 gallon Sprayer - 18 inch wand (N124-CC-18)

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B&G sprayers are hand made and hand tested by placing liquid in the sprayer and making sure they do not leak before shipping them.  It is normal to have a slight liquid residue in the sprayer when they are shipped.

B&G Sprayer 1 Gal. 18-inch wand 

B&G Sprayers are the highest quality sprayers on the market today and have been trusted by pest control professionals for over 50 years. You just can't get any better sprayer than a B&G. This particular B&G 1 Gallon hand pump sprayer features a positive tip shut-off (NO DRIP), heavy duty construction - built to last, unique "carpet protector" bottom ring, spare parts storage inside of ring and the protectors are easily removed for cleaning and provide the utmost in protection. The B&G 1 Gallon Sprayer 18-Inch Wand Model N-124-CC-18 comes with a 4 way C&C tip which includes a crack and crevice setting and the crack and crevice straw.


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