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Adonis 2F Insecticide/Termiticide - 27.5 oz. - Bugs Or Us Pest Control Supply

Adonis 2F Insecticide/Termiticide - 27.5 oz.

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Target Pests

Prevents and controls subterranean termites, drywood termites, dampwood termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-infesting insects. Turf Pests (larvae) Controlled: Annual bluegrass weevil, Asiatic garden beetle, billbug, black turfgrass ataenius, European chafer, European crane fly, green June beetle, Japanese beetle, oriental beetle, Southern masked chafer, chinchbug (suppression), and mole crickets. Ornamental Tree and Shrub Insects Controlled: Adelgids, aphids, armored scales (suppression), black vine weevil larvae, eucalyptus longhorned borer, flatheaded borer, Japanese beetles, lace bugs, leaf beetles, leafhoppers, leafminers, mealybugs, pecan leaf phylloxera, pecan spittlebug, pecan stem phylloxera, pine tip moth larvae, psyllids, royal palm bugs, San Jose scale, sawfy larvae, soft scales, thrips (suppression), white grub larvae and whiteflies,

For Use In

Adonis 2F Insecticide is for use on turfgrass, landscape ornamentals, residential fruit and nut trees and interior plantscape. Can be used around the perimeter of your home. 


Turf Protection: Equil Adonis moves laterally in the soil and provides excellent control of white grubs in turf with very low use rates. Ornamental Tree and Shrub Protection: Equil Adonis can be applied to the soil and is taken up by the root system, then readily translocates throughout the entire tree or shrub to the areas where insects feed. Foliar applications of Equil Adonis can also be made to reduce insect populations. When the target pest insect begins to feed on a tree or shrub treated with Equil Adonis, it will stop feeding, and die. Please see product label for specific application instructions.

Coverage Area

Termites: Each 27.5 oz bottle will yield 50 gallons of finished solution treating 120 linear feet. You should mix 0.6 fl. oz. per gallon of water or the equivalent.

Adonis 2F Insecticide will kill target pests on contact.

Mix Rate

You should mix 0.6 fl. oz. per gallon of water or the equivalent.

Active Ingredient

Imidacloprid 21.4%

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