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Need to Get Rid of Bed Bugs? Try Beldam Plus Aerosol

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The mere mention of bed bugs is enough to make more people nervous. These pests aren’t as dangerous as some of the other critters out there, but they invoke a lot of fear and cause significant anxiety. Most people want easy and quick solutions to their bed bugs problem and would rather not call a professional for a full elimination and clean-up. We recommend the Bedlam Plus Aerosol for people who want to eliminate bed bugs at an affordable cost without calling in the professionals. 

Why Does is Solution Work?

Most over-the-counter bug killers are ineffective against bed bugs because these insects are resilient and opportunistic. General bug sprays and solutions just don’t work on these uniquely adapted pests. Here are some reasons why the Bedlam Plus Aerosol is effective:


  • Skills Pyrethroid Resistant Bugs – Pyrethroid was very effective against bed bugs and was used often to eliminate them. Unfortunately, the pests adapted and evolved to become resistant to it. Now, insecticides with pyrethroid aren’t as effective against most bed bugs and you need something better. Most experts will recommend professional heat treatment but if the infestation is small and confined to a particular piece of furniture, you might want to try the aerosol first. 


  • Controls up to Two Weeks – This aerosol is so effective because it controls bed bugs for up to two weeks. This can limit their reproduction and growth and eventually eliminate all insects. 


  • Kills Bugs and Eggs – Most solutions aren’t effective because they don’t kill eggs and only target adult bed bugs. The Bedlam Plus Aerosol actually eliminates bed bugs as well as eggs so you won’t have a resurgence of bugs a few weeks down the line.


It Doesn’t Just Kill Bed Bugs

This is a multipurpose solution because it doesn’t just kill bed bugs, but also a number of other insects. If you have an infestation from one of the pests mentioned below, you should consider purchasing this aerosol:


  • Dust Mites
  • Clothes Moths 
  • Carpet Beetles
  • Fleas 
  • Brown Dog Ticks


As you can see, this aerosol is very effective and useful. Just spray the aerosol from 10 inches away and ensure the infested area is wet to get the best results. Call us at  Bugs Or Us Pest Control Supply if you want more information on the product or simply place the order on our website. 

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